As an organization we have countless things to be grateful for. We have seen God abundantly provided for our needs since the very beginning. One of our greatest blessings has been our dedicated staff and volunteers. The majority of them have been with us since our start. They have unwaveringly stood by our side no matter the situation. They have risen to the occasion time after time when both the organization and community have needed them.

Our Staff

Edwin Osoy

Edwin Osoy began volunteering with us just one month after our very first meal was served! From January of 2015 till 2017, Edwin faithfully volunteered his time and energy at the project. Along with his friends, Edwin often prepared lunches for the elderly before we had the ability to have a full time cook. In 2017 he became a full time staff member at Cosechando Felicidad. Overseeing the daily operations at the project, serving the elderly, and organizing outreach projects within the community. Today, he continues to oversee the daily functions of the project, and serves as our full time driver. Weekly he transports individuals to their medical consults and procedures they would otherwise have limited access to. When Edwin is not at the project, he serves as the president of one of the local soccer leagues. He also helps with the family business selling produce in the capital. Spending time with his siblings and nephew is something he truly values and makes a priority.

“It is an honor for us to be able to provide basic necessities to the elderly, but also be able to give them a community where they feel welcome. I truly enjoy being able to provide dignity and moments of joy to those who have often been forgotten.” - Edwin

Gelder Bocó

Gelder Bocó has been with us since our very first plate of food! Gelder volunteered with Cosechando Felicidad from December of 2014 till 2018 when he then became a full time staff member. He has always been our go-to person for anything and everything. He has been willing to learn many new skills and continually put them into practice. He assists with the direct care of the elderly in their homes, upkeep of the project, purchasing of food and goods needed to maintain the project. He has recently taken courses to become an official barber! He keeps up with the haircuts and shaving of the majority of the men at the project. When he is not at the project he enjoys playing as goalie on a local soccer team. He also enjoys spending time with his sister and two nieces. You can normally find him with a dog by his side.

“I love the opportunity the project has given me to learn new things and meet new people. We have had the pleasure of receiving people from all over the world. From each person I have learned new things. I enjoy helping connect people from many miles away to my community.” - Gelder

Irma Vasquez

Irma Vasquez originally connected with the project in 2016 through our school scholarship program. We loved her determination to finish school even though she had been out for many years! In 2019 a job opportunity began available at the project making tortillas for our feeding program. We were grateful to have her on staff, and that it also gave her the ability to continue with school simultaneously. Shortly after starting, the Covid-19 pandemic shut down our dining area. Without hesitation she assisted us in delivering food door-to-door, and took on many other responsibilities that came along with it. Since then she has graduated from LPN school, and hopes to continue on to college to become a Registered Nurse. She now oversees the majority of the direct care provided to our abuelos in their homes. She also helps with home visits and the daily functions of the project. She excels in providing dignified and quality direct care to those who need it most. Irma is currently continuing in school and working on entrance exams into several colleges. She enjoys studying science and is always curious to learn more about everything around her. Her favorite thing is going home to her puppy at the end of the day.

“I love being able to be a listening ear for the elderly we serve. It is a joy to be a part of the solution to some of their problems. Cosechando Felicidad has given me the ability to finish school, and even continue on. Due to the stressful nature of the work, they will always be times we disagree, but those are only moments. At the end of the day, we are united as one for the same cause. It is a beautiful thing to be able to remind people that they belong, and that they are never forgotten.” - Irma

Ingrid Vasquez

Ingrid Vasquez was our very first staff member- joining us in 2015! She has been our full time cook for the last eight years. There is truly no quantity of people she is unable to cook for. We are so thankful for her and her passion for the food she makes. Each dish is made with attention to detail and the perfect balance of flavors. Serving nutritious food that everyone loves is what Ingrid does best! She has always been willing to help with whatever is needed to best serve the abuelos. Ingrid enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, weaving, and embroidering by hand. She is always busy cooking for a crowd even when she is not at the project.

I like to cook for the abuelos, but more than that I enjoy serving the food I have cooked. I love to see them happy, among their friends, enjoying a meal together.” - Ingrid

Jessica Sicajau

Jessica Sicajau began working part-time at the project in 2021. She helped us cover holidays, weekends and times we had events planned for our abuelos. Jessica has the most contagious laugh and light hearted spirit. We were so thankful to be able to transfer her to a full time position in 2022! She is a jack of all trades, and fills in all the gaps at the project! Two days a week she makes tortillas for the feeding program, two days a week she assists with home visits and maintenance of the abueloʼs homes, and on Sundays she is our cook. We are forever grateful for her willingness and ability to help wherever needed. Jessica can always be found sitting and talking to the abuelos while they eat. Her genuine concern for them and their wellbeing is evident in everything she does. Jessica has two elementary aged daughters as well as a one and half year old son. When she is not at the project she helps her husband with their harvest of tomatoes and snap peas. She also enjoys cooking and trying new recipes.

“When I began at Cosechando Felicidad, I just helped cover the weekends, I never imagined it would turn into all of this. I love spending time with the abuelos and talking to them. I never want them to feel alone, or like they have nowhere to turn. We are all in this together.” - Jessica

Judith Limon

Judith Limon is currently twenty years olds and began working part-time at the project in September of 2021. She was referred to us when we were looking for additional help for the feeding program. Judith seamlessly began serving alongside us, helping both make and serve food! She is such a calm and gentle soul that the abuelos quickly became attached to her. Her quiet presence does not go unnoticed. Her hard work, dedication and responsible character speak volumes! When Judith is not at the project she enjoys weaving, helping her mother with household chores, and cooking.

“I love being able to care for and love on the abuelos that come to the project. I have learned a lot since starting here. It has helped me come out of my shell and make lifelong connections.” - Judith

Providing stable employment is something that we have as a foundation value. We want to invest in those who are invested in their community. Have consistent staff that the abuelos know and trust is instrumental to what we do on a daily basis. Each month we need to raise approximately $2,700 in total to cover the salaries of our staff. If this is something that you would like to support, or would like more information, please do not hesitate in reaching out.

Emily, Brennan, and the Cosechando Felicidad Family