Greetings from Santa María de Jesús! We have now had our dining area reopened for six weeks! It has brought us (and the abuelos) great joy to be together again after a very long three years. We are happy to have welcomed many new faces to the feeding program since we have reopened. It is a very surreal feeling having the tables full again after so much uncertainty.

We all tend to be creatures of habit in one way or another. Prior to the pandemic, when the abuelos would come for a meal, they themselves would divide the tables by men and women. We always encouraged them to change up where they would sit, so they could visit with everyone. Now that we have reopened the dining area, we have noticed that they no longer divide the tables by men and women, nor do they sit in the same place each meal. It is so nice to see them all enjoying each other’s company. The project is filled with noise and laughter again; it is music to our ears!

Elderly in Guatemala sitting by the street.
Elderly in Guatemala enjoying a meal at Cosechando's headquarters.
Elderly in Guatemala making food.

In February we were able to celebrate three birthdays along with the day of love & friendship! It is always a privilege to be able to make these days extra special for them. The majority of our abuelos are in their early to mid 80s, but we have many who are also in their 90s. They are true examples of what it means to be young at heart. They are always ready for anything, especially a jazzy song to dance to.

Elderly enjoying lunch together.
Celebrating a birthday with cake and candles.

Our abuelos love remaining active, they are known for always finding something to tinker with. They continually remind us of the importance of hard work and staying busy. They always note if there is someone absent from a meal, and ask if we know where their friends are. In many senses Cosechando Felicidad is where they have found family.

A man carrying a bag of trash.
An abuela cleaning dishes.

We ask you for continued prayers for our Cosechando Felicidad, especially our abuelos as their needs become more complex. We are so grateful for your encouragement and support that allows us to continue serving here in Santa Maria de Jesus.

A view of Santa Maria de Jesus.
A man with a stick sitting by a wall.
An elder woman smiling.

Emily, Brennan, and the Cosechando Felicidad Family