Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Warmest greeting from Santa María de Jesús, and the Cosechando Felicidad family. We give thanks to God for gifting us another year, and simultaneously allowing us reflect on the countless blessings that filled 2018. We were overwhelmed by the pure, and selfless generosity of our supporters. Your encouraging words, prayers, and financial support allowed us to continue reaching those we are called to serve.

During 2018, we were able to serve a total of 52,000 meals! Though we are completely astounded by that number, what we loved most was the community that was created, and sustained by gathering around the table. We loved being able to provide a safe, clean, and loving space to invite the most vulnerable populations.

In addition to the two women from the community that prepare the food for the feeding program, we were able to give employment to two young adults from Santa María de Jesús. They have taken the role of project leaders. They coordinate the feeding program, offer a wide variety of activities to the elderly, oversee the scholarships, and organize medical treatment for those in need. The elderly who come daily have fallen in love with them; and are overjoyed to see a familiar face greet them each day.

Fifty-five children and teens were given financial air with their education! Backpacks full of school supplies, scholarships, and tutoring were all ways in which Cosechando Felicidad partnered with families in 2018. This helped to assure that those wishing to continue their schooling could do so despite family financial constraints.

Countless days this past year were spent with families at doctors appointments, hospitals, searching for specialists, and caring of the sick in their homes. We were able to walk along side more that 250 individuals this past year with both chronic, and acute illnesses. Providing education about disease processes, medications, and basic health information is something we find to be lacking, and are trying our best to fill that void with factual, and cultural relevant information.

In October, by the grace of God, we were able to make the final payment on our project site! The deed is officially in our name, and an enormous burden has been lifted from our shoulders. It is an incredible feeling knowing there is permanent place where all are welcomed.

We stand in awe of the way in which God used so many people and their individual talents to make this last year far better than what we could have imagined. Our most sincere thanks for partnering, celebrating, grieving, praying, crying, loving, and serving with us in 2018.

We wish you all a year filled with love and so much peace.

Brennan, Emily, and the Cosechando Felicidad Family