The Bible says there is a season for everything. A time for everything under the sun. It talks about mourning and laughing. Destroying and building up. Scattering and gathering. It is beautiful to know we are able to experience and feel all the extremes life has to offer, and all the ordinariness in the middle. We would love to say we always wait patiently as things come together, but we are human too. We come up with timelines, agendas, and visions of how each season will play out. Looking back we give thanks to God we are not in charge. We remind ourselves to take a deep breath, knowing all things are made perfect in God’s timing.

We have always been believers that change comes from the inside. We strive to be the community’s biggest cheerleaders; continually reminding them of how capable they truly we care for them. We see their potential and the hundreds of brilliant ideas they have swirling around in their head at any given moment.

We are excited to announce that this week we have brought on two of our leaders in Guatemala as employees! They have proven over and over again their passion for service and their commitment to service. Over the past three plus years they have experienced many seasons with us. Having them spend even more time at the project will allow us to provide direct and consistent support to the community, while ensuring we do not make our volunteers economically vulnerable. The time between 7:30am-8:30pm will be split between the two leaders at the project. They are responsible for home visits, buying of food, organization of doctor consults, receiving those how come for assistance, providing educational information to those we serve, and maintaining an open line of communication between Guatemala and the States. Essentially, they will be overseeing the responsibilities we usually do when we are in Guatemala.

We are ready to embrace this time of growth, learning, and new opportunities. Edwin Osoy and José Pich have already assumed their roles, and have brought a new surge of energy to the project. Edwin is twenty-five years old and will be continuing his college education in January with a focus in Math & Physics. José graduated last year as a practical nurse, and will be furthering her nursing education in January as well. They are both bilingual, speaking both Spanish and their native language, making all who come to the project feel welcome and comfortable. Having been with us from the start, both know the ins and outs of the daily functioning of Cosechando Felicidad. We hope and pray for a smooth transition as they move from volunteers to employees. As we continue to move forward, we give thanks to God for allowing us to start from the very beginning. Sowing our time and energy… praying God would multiple and provide. And now, allowing us to be a part of a harvest far larger than we could have imagined. Praise God for He is faithful! Thank you all for your support and encouragement, we could not do it without you.

Brennan & Emily