When working in a location where physical poverty is so evident, it is overwhelmingly easy to focus solely on the body’s present needs. Though we as humans are much more complex than that. As a group, we feel it is important to care for those we serve in a holistic manner. Continually reminding ourselves that spiritual, and mental health are just as crucial as physical health. We take this very seriously, we want this year to be filled with intentional, and well-organized support.

We feel honored to have a close friend who has graciously offered to lead group studies for our young adults. The topics for the next six months have been prayerfully thought out and discussed. When the young adults of Santa offer us their precious time, we want our words it to be meaningful, and full of truth. Our goal is to discuss topics that are significant to them, and the situations their families face. With the hopes of opening dialog both among themselves and with the leaders. The topics we have chosen are biblically based and socially relevant.

Groups will officially begin this coming Saturday, and will be held twice a month. The first topic beginning – How God Presents Himself. Then transitioning to topics such as justice, shame, forgiveness, and mercy.

We ask you to pray for the young adults that will be with us. That their hearts may be opened, and filled with goodness and truth. For us as leaders, as we discuss sensitive but necessary topics. For the parents of those we serve, as they continue to support their children as they grow in a broken world. For us as an organization, and we lean into God’s will.