Graphic T-Shirt "El Futuro Es Femenino"

In honor of International Women's Day we are excited to share with you our newest T-Shirt option! "El Futuro es Femenino" or "The Future is Feminine" is not a shirt taking a stance for women's rights, but highlighting a crucial human rights issue in Guatemala. At Cosechando Felicidad, we firmly believe that the future is indeed female and we seek to empower Guatemalan women through all of our programs. We cannot wait to see how the world changes as the voices of silenced females around the world are heard. We are organization founded by females, employing females, and supporting females through our services. In a culture where the opinions of women are not valued, and even beyond that, not permitted to be shared in many circumstances, we are proud to be empowering women through employment, leadership classes, educative seminars, women's groups, and humanitarian aid.

Shirts are dark gray and 100% cotton. Available in sizes S-XL

100% of our profits support the elderly and our programs at Cosechando Felicidad Inc. including our feeding program for the elderly.

Meals provided with this purchase: 18